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Case of the Mystery Greyhound

In 1998, Dr. Halverson was called on by Ireland to help settle a six-year long dispute between a working class greyhound racing enthusiast, the Irish Coursing Club, and the Club’s affiliated laboratory.       Cheating Bloodlines? It all began with a racing Greyhound litter registration denial by the Irish Coursing Club.  The club’s lab […]

A Case of Fowl Play

The story that follows is truly heart-rending. As a person who is very attached to her animal companions it seems beyond belief that people could be so cruel to their fellow man that they would deprive them of a beloved pet. David lived on the 8th floor of a condominium tower in Arlington, Virginia. They […]

Case of the Hurricane Hoodwink

A dog, separated from its family in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, was found and adopted, but it turns out the new owners weren’t such good samaritans. And caused a family immeasurable emotional agony over the next three years.     Jazz was a coal black American Cocker Spaniel.  She was eight years old and had […]