New Life Jewel Designs

Perpetua offers different designs to suit both traditional and trendy tastes.  Life Jewels are available for the special people in your life and for all creatures great and small. All can be purchased via our website or by mail.


Life Jewel Bracelet

Our updated bracelet includes a curved vial for better fit, an secure, easy to put-on foldover clasp plus safety chain, and two band options. Go for the elegant sterling silver Figaro chain or the sporty 3mm black braided leather cord.




Life Jewel Key-chain Charm

A great option for a person who doesn’t wear jewelry and a great Father’s Day gift. Imagine his child’s DNA or the DNA from his special dog with him wherever he goes. The Life Jewel is securely protected inside the metal casing but still clearly visible. Also makes a sweet good luck charm to hang from a rear view mirror. Made from non-tarnishing white medal, just under 2 inches tall. $75 plus shipping and tax (if applicable).



Life Jewel Heart Tag

Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve! The Life Jewel Heart Tag expresses your love explicitly in a casual, fun way.The Life Jewel with that special DNA is nestled inside the curvy heart.  Great  as a pendant or as a collar tag for a medium to large dog. What a great way to carry that special boyfriend close to your heart. Made from non-tarnishing white medal, 1.25  inches tall. $75 plus shipping and tax (if applicable).