Sale of Sex Made Easy

Zoogen transferred the Avian DNA Sexing business to Antech Diagnostics in June 2014. Samples are now processed by Antech’s experienced technicians in Irvine, California and the results verified by consultation with Dr.Halverson. Samples sent to the old Zoogen address have been forwarded to Antech in Irvine. Clients are advised to contact Antech to set up accounts or check on results. Samples can still be submitted on Zoogen paperwork or ZooMark cards and they will be accepted by Antech pending setting up an Antech account. The new address for sample submission is Antech Diagnostics, 17672 Cowan Blvd, Irvine, CA 92614. For more information call Becky Wetnight or Angela Hamilton at 1-800-955-6353 or email to

Thank you for many years of your business – Joy